Executive Benefits
  Deferred Compensation Plans (DCPs)
  Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERPs)

Employee Benefits
  Voluntary Benefits
  Long-Term Disability Plans (LTDs)
  Life Insurance Plans
  Group Life Plus

Institutional Funding
  Bank-Owned Life Insurance (BOLI)
  Corporate-Owned Life Insurance (COLI)
  Insurance-Owned Life Insurance (IOLI)
  Trust-Owned Life Insurance (TOLI)
  Mutual Funds
  Funding of Post Retirement Liabilities

Corporate-Owned Life Insurance (COLI) is institutionally priced life insurance owned by a corporation and is typically used to fund DCPs, SERPs and VEBAs. It also can be used to fund a variety of other benefit obligations. Generally, COLI offers a wide selection of investment options from which the appropriate funding strategy may be employed. VerityPoint is one of the largest brokers of COLI in the United States, and is totally independent. We advocate for our clients to get the best pricing and terms on their COLI programs.

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