Plan Diagnostic: Nonqualified Plans
Designed to provide an objective look at how well your current plan measures up against optimal nonqualified plans.

Funding Diagnostic: BOLI, COLI, IOLI
Designed to provide an objective look at how efficient your current plan measures up; including: tax, fund manager performance and insurance chassis.

Forensic Cost Review: Life, Disability and AD&D
Designed to reduce annual premiums while maintaining current benefit levels.

Nonqualified Plan Diagnostics are designed to provide an informed, independent and objective look at how well your plan is performing against industry 'best practices', maximize your pre-tax savings opportunities, provide proper integration with 401(k)s, address various regulatory limits/legal issues and identify specific methods required to reduce direct and indirect costs associated with nonqualified plans and ensure the most valuable outcome for the participant and the company.

Participant Perspective
Plan Sponsor Perspective
Cost Implications
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